Chiara Lorenzon was born in the province of Padua in 1986.

Passionate about art, after graduating and receiving the diploma of ‘Restoration and Cataloging of the Cultural and Environmental Heritage’, she achieved a bachelor degree of sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts, G.b. Cignaroli, Verona. Interested in the connection between visual Arts and new technologies, she then took a degree in interactive multimedia and performing arts. She was hailed as an excellent student due to the quality of her artistic research  and her art work “In-visibile”, introduced as an existential answer.

Over the years she took part into the Trentino competition “vedere con mano”. Her work was acknowledged as one of the best in the exhibition and was selected for the International Visual Arts Expo “Il richiamo della foresta” held in Villa Pisani (VE). Three of her masterpieces were then published on “Euro Arte” magazine and presented during the “Arte e Quotazioni” TV program.

She also got involved in the exhibition “Arte degenerata” in Verona and she also exhibited in art galleries such as “Giorgio Ghelfi” (VR) and “ La Giarina” (VR). Worthy of note also is her work of art “pro vita- pro scelta”, which became part of the museum of ceramics of Nove (VI).

In 2014 she joined a special project called “OS- 12 INSTABILI FRAMMENTI”, her contribution being her piece of work “Cenestesi”. Furthermore she assisted and cooperated with the leaders: Daniele Paolin, Carlo Ansaloni, Daniel Suffritti, in the creation of twelve art installations. 

In 2015 she cooperated with Federcio Cadenazzi for the staging of “Dell’amore e di altri demoni”. Produced by La Danza Immobile/ Binario 7, directed by Corrado Accordino, the show was performed at Teatro Libero of Milan and at Binario 7. The same year, at the Salon Primo of Milan she presented works as part of the project “OS- 12: INSTABILI FRAMMENTI” and she had her works exhibited at the Fuorisalone of Milan in the area of Superstudio Più.

In 2016 she was selected to take part in the exhibition “Impronte” at the Accorsi Art gallery.

In 2017 the same gallery offered her the opportunity to exhibit her work on the occasion of “Expo casa Torino”, “Febbraio a Venezia” and “Italian Vanity Art exhibition”. The last one was held at the Gallery of lights of the Dubai Community Theatre & Arts Centre (DUCTAC) Mall of the Emirates. In the same year she joined “Genova Art Expo 2017” and “ArteGenova 2017”, the XIII edition of Arte Fiera of Genova, through Satura Art Galley.

She later exhibited her work as part of “Ormeggi”, a collective exhibition organized by the gallery to celebrate the opening of the Biennale in Venice and at PERMANENZA VENEZIA – BIENNALE 2017, which was advertised on the map of the Biennale (distributed all around Venice and the rest of the world online). The same Gallery exhibited her works in the exhibition Mostra d’Arte Contemporanea Autori, during the 57th Biennale.

In 2018 she was involved in “Arte Fiera Dolomiti” and several other exhibitions, collaborating with Accorsi Art gallery, then in “Quinta Biennale d’arte del Bronzetto” in Verona.

Chiara is currently collaborating with the Giorgio Ghelfi Art Gallery in Verona, the MFF Gallery in Paris and the Accorsi Art gallery (London, Venice, Turin). Her works are exhibited there.