“We are the images we are feeding ourselves with, within an invisible transformation that shapes the visible reality”. Chiara Lorenzon

Butterflies represent that invisible transformation of thought, capable of shaping visible reality, the latter being able to reset, in turn, our thought patterns. 

The “sensitive images” that result from readings, life experiences, expressive forms surrounding us, the relationships we engage with, all synthesise into this cognitive transformation. These elements, which contribute to defining our identity, thus result in concrete actions and choices.

And then comes the question: which images am I feeding myself with?

From this cyclical dialogue the sculptural series “In-visibile” was born. 


With reference to this choice, in the XVI century, the Protestant Reformation decided to go back to the main elements of Christian faith (the 5 Sola) as the premise for a true inner transformation, not separated from clear and positive outcomes in terms of social, ethic and cultural development. 

In connection with the quincentenary of the Protestant Reform (2017), the production “In-visibile (Sola…)” claims the five core elements of this faith as propelling a reciprocal transformation between the visible and invisible sphere.

In-visibile (Sola Scriptura)

The first element, Sola Scriptura, has been represented through a stylized book realized with two geometrical and sharpened elements.

In-visivile (Solus Christus)

The second element, Solus Christus, has been represented by a bunch of grapes divided into three parts and through some spiral-shaped elements that symbolize tendrils.