by Sebastiano Saglimbeni                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Chiara Lorenzon, who knows, I believe, the latest trends and various techniques in art today, even the most bizarre, discovers in this exhibit how to exist and stand out in a place that would otherwise be empty and anxious, creating unique sculptural bronze images. Images that become light and interesting and therefore satisfying are now on display in the famous Giorgio Ghelfi Art Gallery. Although there is a continuity with the representational art from another era, Chiara Lorenzon’s creations stand out because they shine for inventiveness. In this way she worthily joins the leading artists in the permanent exhibition at the Veronese gallery. But what does this young artist Chiara Lorenzon really want to share with us, in this difficult period of ours, through her work? Undoubtedly creations of various sizes, informal and at the same time formal, for example placing butterflies, a symbol since ancient times of transformation, light and hope, at the top of some of her sculptures,  as if for fun. And it’s this hope that certainly sustains the artist. This is certainly a promising sculptural dawn, poetic, which together with the continuity of her other works will become more intense with a richness of expressive values.